Getting started


The create-ponder CLI tool is the best way to get started with Ponder. If it runs without error, your system meets the requirements.

System requirements



As of 0.4.7, Ponder supports Windows via PowerShell, command prompt (cmd.exe), or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you encounter a Windows-specific problem, please open an issue.

better-sqlite3 installation error

Ponder's SQLite driver package (better-sqlite3) uses a native binary that must be compiled for your device's specific platform and Node version. Most of the time, the installer finds and downloads a prebuilt binary that's compatible with your device.

If no prebuilt binary is found, the installer attempts to build better-sqlite3 from source (#1043) which often fails. If this happens, you might need to install node-gyp globally using your package manager:

pnpm install -g node-gyp

Once you've installed node-gyp, try running create-ponder again.