Ponder produces logs to help you understand and debug your application. To change the log level, set the PONDER_LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Each level includes logs from all levels above it.

Log levelExample
errorUnrecoverable RPC error, SQL constraint violation
warnReorg reconciliation, malformed config
info (default)Indexing progress, real-time block processing
debugInternal service lifecycle events
traceQuery-level database logs

Logs produced by your code in src/ (e.g. console.log statements) will always be written to the console. Note that Ponder does catch errors thrown by your code and emits an error log including the error message and stack trace.

Console output

Ponder writes pretty-printed logs to the console. During development, there is an auto-updating TUI built with Ink.

Dev server logs screenshot

Dev server terminal UI (v0.0.75).

Log files

Ponder also writes trace-level logs as structured JSON to a file at .ponder/logs/{timestamp}.log. Each file contains all the logs produced during a single run of the Ponder process (ponder dev or ponder start), named using the process start timestamp.