Metrics 🚧

This page is under construction.


Metrics are not part of the public API, so these are subject to change without notice. Do not rely on these metrics for anything important (yet).

Ponder apps publish Prometheus metrics at the /metrics path.

ponder_indexing_total_secondsTotal number of seconds required for indexinggauge
ponder_indexing_completed_secondsNumber of seconds that have been completedgauge
ponder_indexing_completed_eventsNumber of events that have been processedgauge
ponder_indexing_completed_timestampTimestamp through which all events have been completedgauge
ponder_indexing_has_errorBoolean (0 or 1) indicating if there is an indexing errorgauge
ponder_indexing_function_durationDuration of indexing function executionhistogram
ponder_indexing_function_error_totalTotal number of errors encountered during indexing function executioncounter
ponder_historical_start_timestampUnix timestamp (ms) when the historical sync service startedgauge
ponder_historical_total_blocksNumber of blocks required for the historical syncgauge
ponder_historical_cached_blocksNumber of blocks that were found in the cache for the historical syncgauge
ponder_historical_completed_blocksNumber of blocks that have been processed for the historical syncgauge
ponder_realtime_is_connectedBoolean (0 or 1) indicating if the realtime sync service is connectedgauge
ponder_realtime_latest_block_numberBlock number of the latest synced blockgauge
ponder_realtime_latest_block_timestampBlock timestamp of the latest synced blockgauge
ponder_realtime_reorg_totalCount of how many re-orgs have occurredcounter
ponder_database_method_durationDuration of database operationshistogram
ponder_database_method_error_totalTotal number of errors encountered during database operationscounter
ponder_http_server_portPort that the server is listening ongauge
ponder_http_server_active_requestsNumber of active HTTP server requestsgauge
ponder_http_server_request_duration_msDuration of HTTP responses served by the serverhistogram
ponder_http_server_request_size_bytesSize of HTTP requests received by the serverhistogram
ponder_http_server_response_size_bytesSize of HTTP responses served by the serverhistogram
ponder_rpc_request_durationDuration of RPC requestshistogram
ponder_rpc_request_lagTime RPC requests spend waiting in the request queuehistogram
ponder_postgres_pool_connectionsGauge of current connections for PostgreSQL poolsgauge
ponder_postgres_query_queue_sizeCurrent size of the query queue for PostgreSQLgauge
ponder_postgres_query_totalTotal number of queries processed by PostgreSQLcounter
ponder_sqlite_query_totalTotal number of queries processed by SQLitecounter