Create a new project


Create a new Ponder project

If the contract you're indexing has already been deployed, use the Etherscan contract link template.

pnpm create ponder

You will be asked for a project name, and if you are using a template (recommended). Then, it will create a project directory, install dependencies, and initialize a git repository.

Start the development server

Just like Next.js and Vite, Ponder has a development server that automatically reloads when you save changes in any project file. It also prints console.log statements and errors encountered while running your code.

First, cd into your project directory, then start the server.

pnpm dev

Add an RPC URL

Ponder fetches data using the standard Ethereum RPC API. To get started, you'll need an RPC URL from a provider like Alchemy or Infura.

Open .env.local and paste in RPC URLs for any networks that your project uses:


Design your schema

The schema.graphql file contains a model of your application data. The entity types defined here correspond to database tables.

type BlitmapToken @entity {
  id: String!
  owner: String! # Ethereum address

See Design your schema for a detailed guide on schema design.

Write indexing functions

Files in the src/ directory contain indexing functions, which are TypeScript functions that process a contract event. The purpose of these functions is to insert data into the entity store.

Here's a sample indexing function for an ERC721 Transfer event.

import { ponder } from "@/generated";
ponder.on("Blitmap:Transfer", async ({ event, context }) => {
  const { BlitmapToken } = context.entities;
  await BlitmapToken.create({
    id: event.params.tokenId,
    data: {

See Create & update entities for a detailed guide on writing indexing functions.

Query the GraphQL API

As you write your indexing functions and start inserting entity data, open the GraphiQL interface at http://localhost:42069/graphql to explore your GraphQL API locally. Any changes you make to your schema.graphql file will be reflected here.

query {
  blitmapTokens {
  "blitmapTokens": [
    { "id": 1452, "owner": "0xaf3d5..." },
    { "id": 7164, "owner": "0x9cb3b..." },