Create Ponder

Create Ponder

This command line tool creates a new project directory with package.json, ponder.config.ts, schema.graphql, and other configuration files.

pnpm create ponder {...options}


--from-etherscan <url>Link to a contract page on Etherscan
--from-subgraph-id <id>Subgraph ID, an IPFS content hash like "Qmb..."
--from-subgraph-repo <path>Path to a subgraph repository on your local machine
--etherscan-api-key <key>Etherscan API key to use with --from-etherscan
--dir <path>Path to use for the project root


Templates help get you started faster by copying contract addresses, ABIs, and deployment blocks from an existing source.

Etherscan contract link

The --from-etherscan option accepts a link to an Etherscan contract page. See here (opens in a new tab) for a full list of supported Etherscan deployments.

Etherscan contract link screenshot

Subgraph ID

The --from-subgraph-id option accepts a deployment ID for a subgraph that has been deployed to the hosted service. This template will copy schema.graphql as well as the addresses, ABIs, and start blocks for each event source defined in the subgraph's subgraph.yaml.

Subgraph ID screenshot

Subgraph repo

The --from-subgraph-repo option accepts a path to a subgraph directory on your local machine. If your subgraph has been deployed to the hosted service, use --from-subgraph-id instead.