As of version 0.0.79, Ponder collects completely anonymous telemetry data about general usage. The developers use this data to prioritize new feature development, identify bugs, and improve performance & stability.

Opt out

To opt out of telemetry, set the PONDER_TELEMETRY_DISABLED environment variable.



Ponder's telemetry implementation is 100% open-source. The telemetry service (opens in a new tab) (part of @ponder/core) runs on the user's device and submits event data via HTTP POST requests to the telemetry collection endpoint (opens in a new tab) hosted at

The implementation generates a stable anonymous unique identifier for the user's device and stores it at the system default user config directory (opens in a new tab). This config also stores the user's opt-out preference and a stable salt used to hash potentially sensitive data such as file paths and the git remote URL.